As of 2009 there are two propagation groups. One group meets each Monday morning to prepare and produce a wide range of plants which are not readily available on the general market. The other group is a propagation training group in which people can learn how to propagate plants and look after them. The latter group meets every 3rd Thursday of each month.

The Monday propagation group meets between 9.30am – 12noon. The propagation TRAINING group usually meets from 12 noon to 2.00pm. BYO lunch Short talks, demonstrations and practicals. Non members are welcome. Please refer to the newsletter for any changes.

Plant material is sourced from the FCHS and private gardens. Seed is from private and specialist overseas societies. After propagation the resulting plants are sold at our four major shows throughout the year, as well as other events outside of the society. Plants raised are also used to populate the Rock Garden, Perennial Garden and Native Garden all of which are maintained by the Propagation Group.

Members enjoy a warm friendly atmosphere and learn much about propagation techniques.  Contact:- Inge & Michael Hammer  ph 97552176

2017 Syllabus & Notices

19th  Kalmias, daphne propagation
 16th  Semi-hardwood cuttings. FCHS garden. Possibly division of iris and perennials.Leaf cuttings. Hoya propagation
 16th  Fern propagation. Semi-hardwood cuttings
 20th  Preparing and setting up for the Autumn Show.
 18th  Seed propagation eg arisaema, cardiocrinum, dieramas, paeony.  Scaling and chipping of bulbs.  Leaf cuttings eg velthemias..
15th  Hardwood cuttings.
20th Hardwood cuttings. Grafting
 17th Vireya cuttings.  Possibly root cuttings.  Hardwood cuttings of ‘Clematis armandii’.
 21st  Propagation of clivia seed.  Divisions of plants eg hostas,saxifrage.  Possibly score trilliums.
19th  Division of plants.  possibly basal shoot cuttings.  Softwood cuttings of clematis
 16th  Softwood cuttings of azaleas, hamamelis.  Semi-ripe cuttings of clematis armandii.
 No meeting
January 2018
18th Semi-hardwood cuttings eg camellias, daphnes, kalmias, rhododendrons